Sudden Deafness Trial

Sudden Deafness Trial

Do you have hearing loss that has started within the past 72 hours?

Acute hearing loss is the sudden onset of hearing loss. It usually happens in one ear and with no known cause. Those experiencing sudden hearing loss are only able to hear muffled conversations or sounds through the affected ear.
Hearing may recover slightly or completely in the days and weeks afterwards. However there is a possibility of ongoing damage. The more severe the initial hearing loss, the greater the risk of permanent damage.

The causes of acute hearing loss:

  • can be obvious due to e.g. medication, head injury, stroke, tumours, or middle ear or brain infection,
  • remains unidentifiable and can be attributed to viral infections, decreased perfusion of the blood vessels that supply the inner ear and the auditory nerve, or an attack by the immune system,
  • can be acute insults to the inner ear hair cells (that govern the sense of hearing).

Treatment options that are currently available for acute inner ear hearing loss:

  • High-dose corticosteroid drug regimens or infusions that stimulate blood flow are usually prescribed for the treatment of acute inner ear hearing loss. However, the effectiveness of these treatments has so far not been clearly demonstrated.
  • AM-111, the study drug being evaluated, has been developed to protect hearing cells and nerves following sudden hearing loss. A clinical trial with the novel investigational study drug AM-111 for acute inner ear hearing loss is currently being conducted in hospitals and ENT practices in several European countries as well as Thailand and Taiwan.